Part 4: “At Night”

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(Today’s drawing was produced by my brilliant artist friend Dana. Isn’t it wonderful?! I hope to enlist her again.)


When the tallest man reached the stream and saw that neither the shortest nor the middle-sized man was there, he thought at first that they must be late. He took off his boots and slid his feet into the warm, dark water, darting glances behind him every few seconds. After a while he shifted his gaze to the bottom of the stream. A small, bright light winked at him from beside a rock, and after a moment it rose up and turned into the water spirit.

“I’m afraid that they will not be coming,” he said. “I knew from the very beginning that they would not. This often happens with wishes. I tried to warn you, but you did not listen. Those men are shadows of who they once were. Your friendship no longer matters to them.”

“I’m sure I could speak to them,” said the tallest man, whose heart was beating painfully in his chest. “Perhaps they will meet me here tomorrow.”

“They will not,” said the spirit of the stream. “They are no longer the men that you knew. Go home, enjoy your wealth, and try to forget.”

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Scandareview #5: The Fisherman and His Soul

So it’s become glaringly clear that my original plan of posting weekly despite my return to school hasn’t worked. I’m really sad about that; I’d had high hopes that I could organize my Scandaroona time around my workload and social life, but so far I seem to be having trouble — I’d forgotten how incredibly busy life tends to get. We’ll see how things go in the coming weeks (I haven’t given up just yet!) but I’m trying to come up with a new plan, one that allows me to continue writing Scandareviews and drawing awful pictures as well as permitting me to do college-y stuff unfettered.

That might mean a hiatus after mid-October, so I have more time to finish my second fairy tale; it might mean four posts a month rather than six; it might mean frequent delays in Scandareviews; or it might mean none of the above. I need time to think about it. But I’ve missed it here, and am seriously excited to talk about today’s fairy tale.

I read most of it during an awkward college symphony I went to with my friend Dana — awkward because almost everyone else there was over the age of sixty, and awkward because we’d brought a picnic blanket and most people were sitting primly in their seats. But it was also fun — they played the Star Wars theme, for heavens’ sake! — and I can’t say that Oscar Wilde coupled with a little John Williams was bad.

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