Where I’ve Been

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Do you remember when I was talking about how difficult it was to blog amidst all the odd college-y things that seem to crop up when you least expect them to? Well, I’m going to have to do a deep, humiliated blush and admit that those things have definitely gotten the better of me this semester. I love working on Scandaroona. And yet I don’t seem to have the kind of time for it that it really needs in order to be what I want.

Ultimately, I think that’s okay. Because I’m a college student, and I just had fondue with friends at my favorite coffee-shop and worked on Fairy Tale #2 (no, I’m not telling), and before that I was in New York City listening to my favorite author speak*, and before that I was studying for a rather ugly History of Ancient Israel test, and before that I was dancing around the house with my sister, and all of those things add up to something like a life outside the Blog, and I don’t think it’s terrible that I’ve been living it. But I enjoy my Blog-world enough that I don’t want to lose it just yet. I’m just… going to be posting less often.

So here’s what (I think) is going to happen.

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